1.There will b a time, when no one will care about his way of earning, whether its right or wrong. (Bukhari Shareef)

2. It’s your duty to earn in a pious way. (Hadees Mubarak Sallalahu Ale Hi Waale Hi Wasalam)

3. A flesh that is nourished by false earning, will not be entered in Jannah. (Hadees Mubarak Sallalahu Ale Hi Waale Hi Wasalam)

4.A person who earns false then gives from that money In the way of ALLAH, it will never b accepted and if he will spend it for himself and his family, it would b without blessing and if he would die, leaving this money, his journey would b towards hell. (Hadees Mubarak Sallalahu Ale Hi Waale Hi Wasalam )

5.To earn with doubt in better than begging.
(Hadees Mubarak Sallalahu Ale Hi Waale Hi Wasalam)

6.If Halal and Haram are mixed, Haram gets domination though its in little quantity. ( Hazrat Umar Farooq RA )

7.We leave 90 % Halal for the fear of 10 % Haram. ( Hazrat Umar Farooq RA )

8.A wise person never enjoys life, as if his earnings are fair, he fears the answers on the day of judgment and if unfair, he is terrified by the fear of hell. (Hazor Ghus Al Azam RA)

9.A person who searches for the way of ALLAH should testify that his food should b pure, and if it’s not, he should not pretend to prove it right.

10.Coins are like Snakes and Scorpios, one who will not learn properly to handle them, their poison will kill him, and to handle them properly is to earn in the right way.

11.To earn fairly is more difficult than to replace a mountain from its place.

12.We can never get more, we are to be destined, so try to have money fairly.

13.The best thing you earn is earned by your own struggle.

14.To earn fair, for family, is the way of very pious people.

15.A person who can’t earn fair, shouldn’t marry anyone, coz earn false is as the worst thing that no good deed can cure for it.

16.To spend in the way of ALLAH by unfair earning is just like to wash a dirty cloth with urine.

17.If a person offers prayers and keeps fasts abundantly but his means of earning are HARAM, it’s all of no use for him.

18.If you want answered prayers, you should earn HALAL.

19.A person who is unfair in earning, his all body parts become sinful.

20.A body which is activated by HARAM, its eternal place is hell.

21.To avoid unfair dealings & earning is a way of rescue.

22.In real sense if someone wants to be indifferent to this world should earn fair.

23.Fair Earning helps to avoid poverty.

24.O Man! rescue yourself from being dependant on others by fair earning as who is dependant,3 miseries fall upon him, 1. weakness in Islam 2. deficiency in wisdom, 3. lack of good manners.