Although Allah (SWT) upon the tongue of His Prophet (saas) permitted the use of stones and other pure objects as an alternative to water for purification, He (SWT) forbade the use of manure and bones. Perhaps these two objects are not suited for the purpose of purification, and that is the reason behind the prohibition; or perhaps there is another reason for the prohibition that we do not know about, in which case simple, unquestioning obedience is required from us. Once, when the Prophet (saas) was relieving himself, Abdullah Ibn Masood (RA) was nearby, Abdullah (RA) later related, The Prophet (saas) went to Al-Ghaait ( a place prepared as a toilet) and he ordered me to bring him three stones, but I only found two stones, and though I searched for a third, I couldn’t find one. So I took (a piece) of manure, and I went with what I had to the Prophet (saas) He (Saas) took the two stones and cast away the manure. And he (saas) said

This is Impure. 2 .. Related by Bukhaaree (156), Ahmad (3677)

In the hitherto related Hadeeth of Abu Hurairah (RA), the Prophet (saas) said to him,

Search out for stones. I will purify myself with them and do not come to me with bones or manure.

Abu Hurairah (RA) later related, Then I said, What is the problem with bones and manure? He (saas) said,

They are the food of Jinns. (Related by Bukhaaree In Al-Manaaqib (3860)

A delegation of Jinns from Naseebeen – and good indeed are those Jinns – came to me and asked me for provision, and so I invoked Allah (SWT) for them – that they should never pass by any bones or manure except that they should find food upon them. This narration makes clear the reason why it is forbidden to purify oneself with either bones or manure.

Related Issue: Bases on the above-mentioned ruling for the food of Jinn, it is also forbidden to perform Al-Istinjaa or AL-Istijmaar with the food of human beings. Similarly, it is forbidden to perform Al-Istinjaa or Al-Istijmaar with honored paper, such as the paper on which religious knowledge is written, for that paper is likely to have written on it verses of the Quran or Allah’s beautiful Names and Attributes. And an even worst offense is to use the Quran itself.