What is Jabirah?
Jabirah is a piece of wood (Splint) used to keep in place a broken (fractured) part of the body. But here it also means plaster; a bandage that covers a wound, or ointment, etc., on any part of the body.

Q. What are the instructions for the Masah on: a splint (wood), bandage, or a wound’s covering?
Masa’h is allowed over wood (splint), bandage, or the wound’s covering, if their removal is harmful, or causes much pain.

Q. On how much of the covering should Masa’h be performed?
On the entire covering, whether or not the wound is beneath all of it.

Q. What are the injunctions if the removal of the bandage does no harm, and causes no pain?
A. If washing the wound is not harmful, nor painful, then it must be washed. If water is harmful, then performing the Masa’h is obligatory (Wajib). But if Masa’h is also harmful then it is permissible to do Masa’h on the bandage, covering, etc.