Masah is permissible on three kinds of socks:

  1. Socks made of leather cover the feet up to the ankles.
  2. Such kind of woolen or cotton socks which have a leather sole.
  3. Wollen or cotton socks, so thick and strong that they are not torn (damaged) if one walks wearing them without shoes, etc., for a distance of three or four miles,

It is permissible to perform Masah when the proper socks are worn after the Ablution, or after washing the feet, and having continuously worn them, even after the Ablution breaks. Masah on socks is allowed for one day and a night, if one is at home, or is staying at some place. If one is on a journey, Masah is permissible for three days and three nights.

Masah is to be performed on the upper part of the socks. Wet your fingers with water. then put three fingers on the toes, pulling them upwards. apply full fingers, and not only their tips. There is no Masah on the sole or the heels.

Important note: Masah on regular socks is not permitted, also one should make Masah on the upper part of the socks rather than only sol or the heels. It is better to wash your feet rather than take risks.

Q. Is Masa’h (wiping) allowed on the torn socks?
If the sock is torn so much that its flaw is equal to the area of three small toes, or the sock opens up during a walk to that extent, then Masah (wiping) is not permitted. If the damage is less, Masah is permissible.

Q. From what time is the duration of wiping (Massah) over the socks counted?
The permissible duration, for wiping (Massah) is calculated from the moment the ablution is nullified. From that time onwards, the Massah is allowed on socks: for one day and one night; or, for three days and three nights, as the case may be. For example, if socks are worn on Friday morning after ablution, and it (ablution) nullifies after the time for Zuhr prayer is over, a local person (Muqim) can perform Massah till the time of Zuhr prayer on Saturday. If the person is a traveler (not local) he can perform Massah till Zuhr prayer on Monday.

Q. What are the things that invalidate Massah?
The same acts which nullify the ablution, also nullify the Massah. Apart from that, Massah becomes invalid as soon as: (1) The permissible period for Massah is over; (2) The socks are taken off, and (3) The socks are torn, making a hole as big as three toes.

Q. What, if one takes off the socks, or the time for Massah expires, while one has the ablution?
Under both these situations, it is enough to wash the feet only and put on the socks. It is, however, desirable (Mustahab) to renew the entire ablution.

Q. What should a traveler do if he returns home only one day and one night after he began the Massah on socks?
He should remove the socks and start the Massah again.

Q. What should a local person (non-traveler) do if he starts on a journey after making Massah at home?
If he starts on a journey before the expiry of one day and a night, he can keep the socks on and continue doing the Massah for three days and three nights. If, however, he starts the journey after one day and one night, he must remove the socks and begin with a fresh Massah.

Q. What, if the socks are torn in several places?
We must judge whether the total area of the tear is equal to three toes. If so, Massah is not allowed. If the tear is less, Massah is allowed. However, if the combined tear of the two socks equals three toes, while the tear of each sock, separately, is less than that, then Massah is permissible.