Fear Allah and not do anything that earns His displeasure. Allah protects those who fear Him and makes Paradise their abode.

The sun will come nearer to the earth and nobody will escape its scorching heat. On that Day, there will be no tree to provide shade, no water to give some relief, and no rock beside which to take rest. The land will be flat. The Day of Judgment will be equivalent to 50,000 worldly years.

The level of the people’s sweat will be measured by their deeds. The sweat will cover some up to their anklebones, some to their knees, some to their hips, and others to their mouths.

Amidst this suffering, there are some among the believers whom Allah will provide with shade on the Day when there will no shade except that provided by Him. There are seven categories of people whom Allah will provide with shade. These include a just leader (Imam), a youth who grows up in the worship of Allah, a person whose heart is attached to the mosques, two people who like each other for the sake of Allah, a man who, when called by a beautiful woman of high social standing (for immoral acts), says, “I fear Allah”, one who gives alms and does not disclose it to anyone, and the one who remembered Allah privately and tears flowed from his eyes.

The Prophet (peace be upon him)  said that deeds are driven by intention and that what a person gets depends upon his intention (niyyah). Allah commands a Muslim to do good deeds and keep away from committing sins and all that He has forbidden at all times. However, there is an emphasis on doing good deeds when a person becomes old especially when approaching the last days of life. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “The deeds are judged by the final deeds.” Therefore, whoever Allah grants success to do good deeds in the final days or hours of his life, then Allah has written a good end for him.

Whoever Allah does not grant success and does an evil deed in his final hour Allah’s wrath will be brought against him. Allah has commanded Muslims to seek a good end.

Whoever succeeds in having a good end, will be happy in the Hereafter, but whoever does an evil deed in the last hours of life, is at a loss in this world and in the Hereafter.

Pious believers are always keen to do good deeds prior to the final hour and they also seek to have a good end. They have good faith in Allah but bad faith in themselves.

Whoever has sincere and good faith in Allah, follows the teachings and Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the guidance of the Prophet’s companions is successful in having a good end because good intentions and sincerity are conditions for deeds to be accepted by Allah.

Means of securing a good end are performing the five obligatory prayers in congregation with the Muslims. Other deeds include belief (Iman), being God-conscious in private and in public, obeying Allah and keeping away from all that He has forbidden, keeping away from major and minor sins, following the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him), following the path of the Muhajireen and Ansar, keeping away from being unjust to others, being kind toward others and refraining from innovations in religion (bida’).