[Quran – 2:256 ] “There is no compulsion in religion: true guidance has become distinct from error, so whoever rejects false gods and believes in God has grasped the firmest hand-hold, one that will never break. God is all-hearing and all-knowing.”

[Quran – 4:140 ] “Allah has instructed you in the Book -the Quran- He revealed to you, thus: “Should you happen to hear Allah’s revelations challenged and denied and held up to ridicule by those who were born to be losers, then you do not keep company with them until they have changed the subject of conversation and virtue and wisdom no longer sit in want, lest you be alike.” Allah shall gather the hypocrites and the infidels who deny Him altogether in the kingdom of Hell.”

[Quran – 7:199 ] “MAKE due allowance for man’s nature, and enjoin the doing of what is right, and leave alone all those who choose to remain ignorant.”

[Quran – 10:108 ] “Say: ´Mankind! the truth has come to you from your Lord. Whoever is guided is only guided for his own good. Whoever is misguided is only misguided to his detriment. I have not been set over you as a guardian.”

[Quran – 18:29 ] “Say, This is the truth from your Lord. Let him who will, believe in it, and him who will, deny it. For the wrongdoers We have prepared a Fire which will cover them like a canopy, and if they beg for water, they will be given water as hot as molten lead, which will scald their faces: how dreadful a drink, and how evil a resting place!”

[Quran – 25:63 ] “And the true servants of the Gracious God are those who walk on the earth humbly and when the ignorant address them, they avoid them gracefully by saying, `Peace !’”

[Quran – 27:92 ] “to recite the Quran. Whoever follows its guidance, follows it only for the good of his own soul; and as for him who goes astray, just say, I am only a warner.”

[Quran – 28:55 ] “and when they hear any vain talk, they turn away from it, saying: “We have our deeds and you have your deeds. Peace be to you. We do not desire to act like the ignorant.”

[Quran – 41:40 ] “Truly, those who blaspheme Our signs are not hidden from Us. Is he who is cast down into the fire better off, or he who approaches as one who is safe on the Day of Resurrection? Do as you willed. Truly, He is Seeing of what you do.”

[Quran – 42:6 ] “Those who choose other than God as their Lord, God holds them responsible for their wrongdoings and you (Mohammad) are not responsible for their behavior.”

[Quran – 109:6 ] “Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.”