1. Repeat what the mu’adhin (person who calls prayers) says.

2. Make dua between adhan and Iqamah.

3. Make fresh wudu for Salah.

4. Use msiwak before Salah.

5. Dress in fine clothes for Salah.

6. Move through Salah with tranquility.

7. Pray as if you will die after this Salah.

8. Think about the verses and dhikr you are reciting in Salah.

9. Repeat verses for added contemplation.

10. Memorize and use new passages of Quran.

11. Pause at the end of each ayah.

12. Recite in a beautiful voice.

13. Maintain eyesight on your prostration location.

14. Recite dhikr after prayer, patiently.

15. Don’t look around in prayer.

16. Suppress your yawning during prayer.

17. Don’t stick to the same prayer place in the Masjid.

18. Arrive early for Salah.