​​A doctor needs a long study (minimum 6 years for a simple MBBS degree and this 6 years is after the 12 years up to college…total its 18 years)

A teacher needs at least a 10 years qualification.

An Engineer needs almost 16years (including school, college, and university)

An accountant needs at least 14 years for just simple A.C.C.A (including School College and university)

A businessman needs 16 years for his MBA.

A normal person struggles for at least 16 years for the benefit of an almost 80 years life (maximum 100 years)

Well and for the success of EVERLASTING LIFE we don’t give one hour a day.

Purpose Of the Quran:
In Holy Quran the main purpose of the Quran is…
“This is the doubtless book (sent) for the GUIDANCE of pious people” (Sura Al Bakara/Ayat 2)

“Indeed this Quran GUIDES to the path which is clearer and straighter than any other” (XVII: 9)

“Alif Laam Raa. A book which we have revealed to you (Muhammad) so that you may LEAD the people from out of the darkness into the light by their Lord’s leave to the path of the All-Mighty, the Praiseworthy.”

“And this book we sent it down blessed and a confirmation of what came before it that you may WARN the Mother of the Cities (Makka) and those around it.” (Sura Al-Inam, Ayah: 92)

“Those who are inclined away from the truth regarding our verses are not hidden from us. Is one who is thrown into the fire better or one who comes as a believer on the Day of Judgment? Do whatever you wish! He surely sees all that you do. Those that rejected the Reminder when it came to them! And it is surely a mighty book. Falsehood does not reach it from the front or from the back – a thing sent down from the Wise, the Praiseworthy.” (Sura Fusilat, Ayah: 41-43)

“Verily this Quran GUIDES to what is most upright” (Sura Al-Isra, Ayah: 9)

From the entire above Ayah’s, it is verified that the main purpose of the Quran is GUIDANCE. And in today’s life, how many people read Quran to get guidance for daily life…?? I guess only 3% of Muslim Ummah read Quran for guidance…Really 3%. You can check that out with your friends. How many of your friends, family, and classmates read Quran for guidance? Only 2 or 3% of people in your surroundings will be those.

Meaning Of Word Tilawat: The Difference Between Reciting And Reading
Before coating hadees and ayahs I would like to tell all of you the true Arabic meaning of the word TILAWAT. The root word of the word TILAWAT is “T-L-A/T-L-O”. In the Arabic language, the meaning of T-L-A is “TO FOLLOW SOMETHING.” In Arabic language following the words of the Quran (Tilawat of Quran) means

1). To read the entire words one after the other. This means that when you read Quran you must read all the words clearly. Don’t read it so fast that u miss the words or mix them in one another.


The word used for simple reading is IQRA. It’s not Tilawat.

Importance Of Understanding the Quran
Now coming to the main topic following are the ayahs and ahadees:
Hazrat ABU-ZAR (R.A) told us that our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said” Nothing can take you close to Allah more than the thing that itself came from Allah means Quarn (can take u close to Allah). This Hadees is written in ABU DAUD and TIRMAZI

Hazrat ABU-ZAR (R.A) told us that He asked our Prophet to advise him on anything. Our Prophet advised, “Have Taqwa (having love and fear of ALLAH) because it is the root of all deeds.” Hazrat Abu-Zar asked for some more advice. Our prophet advised secondly ” Recite Quran because ​​it is light in the world​​ and an asset in the afterlife” This Hadees is written in IBN-HABAN

Don’t we all want to have an asset in our afterlife? REMEMBER THE WORD ‘RECITING’ IS USED HERE, NOT READING.

Hazrat ABDUL REHMAN BIN AUF (R.A) told us that our Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) said” On the Day of Judgment three things will be below Allah’s ARSH. One is QURAN which will fight with people, for Quran there’s one outside (the words) and one inside (the meaning or the spirit), the second thing is AMANAT and the third is SILA-REHMI (to maintain a good relationship with relatives) that will announce “May Allah bond His Mercy with the one who bonded me and may Allah separate his mercy from the one who broke me”

Hazrat ABU-ZAR (R.A) told us that our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said to Him (R.A) that “Oh Abu-Zar if every morning you understand one ayah/verse of Quran it is better than offering 100 NAFAL.” This hadees is written in IBN-MAJAH

“Hearts get rusted as iron gets rusted by water” Our Prophet (S.A.W) was asked how hearts are kept clean. Our Prophet replied,” By remembering death now and then and by reciting Quran.” This hadees is reported by Hazrat ABDUALLAH BIN UMAR

Hazrat ANAS (R.A) told us that our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that “Among all the people, people of some houses are special for Allah” Our Prophet was asked,” Who are those people?” Our Prophet replied, ” People of the Quran (means that the people who recite and act upon Quran) are ALLAH’S FAMILY and are very special to Allah.” This Hadees is written in IBN-MAJA , NASSAI and AHMED

Hazrat Umar Bin Khataab (R.A) told us that our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said “Through this Quran, Allah raises many people (those who recite and act upon it) and through this Quran, Allah lays down many people” (those who don’t recite it and act upon it). This hadess is written in MUSLIM