Surah No 44: Ad-Dukhan
Number of Ayats: Fifty-nine

Meaning of the name: It takes its name from Ayat no 10 where the word Ad-Dukhan has been mentioned which means “smoke”

Summary: This is a Makki surah. It begins with stating in Ayat no 3 that the Holy Quran was sent down on a blessed night. The Quraish have mainly been addressed in the surah as their hostility was increasing towards Islam. Therefore the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed to Allah to send famine which might change the attitude of the people of Makkah. There was a slight change, as some Quraish Chiefs then came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asking him to pray to Allah to relieve them of this calamity. This was the occasion that the surah was revealed, however, Allah had told the Prophet (PBUH) that these people cannot learn from a mere calamity, as they have turned away from his teachings, and also they lie if they say that they will believe when they have been saved from the terrible ordeal.

Reference is given to the people of Pharaoh, who refused to accept the signs such as their prosperous land of Canaan, their thriving Kingdom under David and Solomon, and the teachings of the prophets that were so clearly shown by Allah and when they conspired to kill Hazrat Moosa (AS) they met their end.

It is stated that we must realize that worldly status cannot help oneself or anyone else on the Day of Judgment, it is only Allah’s mercy that can.