‘And those who, when they are reminded of the verses of their Lord, fall not deaf and blind’ (25:73)

When the blessed servants of Allah are reminded of His verses and the Hereafter, they do not act as if they are deaf and blind. They pay heed to the verses and do not behave like negligent people.

Ibn Kathir has reported on the authority of Ibn Aun that he enquired from Hadhrat Sh’abi that if he comes across people, who are in the state of prostration, was it correct for him to join the people in prostration. Sha’bi replied that it would be incorrect for him to join in their prostration unless he finds out the purpose of the act. It is inappropriate for a believer to engage in any action without knowing the purpose of it.

There is a new tendency amongst the younger generation and modern educated people to study the Quran and deem it enough to seek the understanding of the Quran through its translation. This practice often makes them fall into misconceptions.

It is a fact that education and knowledge can not be acquired simply by referring to books. The guidance of a teacher who is available to explain the intricacies of the subject is necessary to gain a full understanding.

The studying of the Quran without a teacher falls under the aforementioned verse.

Hadhrat Uthman narrates that Rasulullah said: “The best amongst you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.”

The Quran is the basis of the religion of Islam, and the preservation and propagation of the Quran depend on the very existence of this faith. Hence the virtue of learning and teaching the Qur’an is self-evident and does not need further elucidation.

There are, however, various degrees of excellence. The highest is to learn the Quran along with its meanings and purport, and the least is to learn its words only.

Rasulullah was reported by Hadhrat Sa’eed ibn Saleem “If a person who has acquired knowledge of the Holy Quran considers another person who has been gifted with something else to be more fortunate than himself, he has shown disrespect to the blessings of Allah bestowed on him on account of his learning the Quran.”

Mulla Ali Qari quotes from another Hadith that whoever acquires the knowledge of the Holy Quran stores the knowledge of Prophethood in his forehead. Sahl Tastari says that the proof of love for Allah is the existence of love for the Word of Allah in one’s heart.

In ‘Sharhul Ihya, the list of people who will be given shelter in the shade of the Throne of Allah on the fearful Day of Judgment includes those persons who teach the Quran to the children of Muslims and also those who learn the Holy Quran in their childhood and are devoted to its recitation when grown up.

May the Almighty include us amongst these people. (Ameen)