Five Main Responsibilities of Holy Quran on each & every Muslim:

1. To accept by heart that the Holy Quran is from Allah (SWT)
2. To recite it regularly with correct pronunciation (Tajweed).
3. To understand what message has been given by Allah (SWT) to mankind.
4. To act accordingly.
5. To convey the true message of Allah (SWT) to others.

What most of the Muslims are doing they are using the holy Quran either for Husool-e-Sawab or Isaal-e-Sawab only. Whereas Allah(SWT) revealed Holy Quran as an Instruction Manual for mankind. We must try to check what we are doing is correct and according to the way of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his true followers.

We are putting our all efforts to gain benefits of the present life which is going to be end soon. But we are not ready to do an effort to learn Arabic to understand the message of Allah (SWT). If someone says that the German language is the only criteria for getting a visa of Germany we will definitely try our best to learn german but for getting the visa for the paradise, where there is no end of life, we are reluctant to learn arabic. If we don’t understand the true message how we are going to follow it and convey it to others. On the day of judgement, these non-muslims will ask Allah(SWT) that these Muslims were the custodian of the Quran but they never conveyed to us your true message. just imagine what will be our reply then.

What we can do from right now that at least recite Quran with understanding till we learn Arabic so that we could be able to fulfill the responsibilities of the holy Quran and convey the true message from Allah (SWT) to mankind.

May Allah (SWT) Give us Hidaya and courage to do our duty properly. Aameen.