In these blessed days, the month of Ramadan, we remember the battle of Badr, which took place in the seventeenth of Ramadan, the second year of Hijrah. The battle plays a great role in the Islamic history as it was to determine the destiny of worshiping Allah on earth, and it was the first of a series of battles later. Muslims were not ready for such a war, they were only three hundreds and thirteen fighters, armed with a few weapons, seventy camels and two horses whereas the disbelievers were nine hundreds and fifty, armed with many weapons, seven hundreds camels, and hundred horses. Yet, Muslims decided to go for the battle with great persistence.

One could wonder how did those Muslims were encouraged to battle in such a critical situation and without hesitation?

It is sincere faith, relying on Allah and entrusting matters to Him. They turned to Allah for aid, implored Him with deep trust that He would never disappoint them. Allah who never break His promise, sent them angels to fight alongside them and it was a great victory.

Achieving victory in war needs preparation, well training and providing weapons, such causes of victory have to be well regarded by Muslims with complete reliance on Allah ,Lord of the Universe. Yet there are other causes that man can not interfere in, but are only caused by the Divine Decree, like weather conditions, rain, snow wind, and cloud; all this has great effect on the warfare Besides, men’s hearts are in the hands of their Creator; that’s faith is an essential key to victory, but it is controlled by Allah [swt]. Faith is the only factor lacked by the West. Muslims have to fill their hearts with faith, turn back to the path of Allah Almighty, and apply His law on earth.