`Ali Ibn Abu Talib was the Prophet’s nephew; his father was Abu Talib Ibn Abdul Muttalib, and his mother was Fatimah bint Asad. He embraced Islam when he was just seven. He married Fatimah, the Prophet’s daughter and apple of his eye and the mistress of believing women in Paradise. Fatimah bore him Al-Hasan, Al-Husain, Zainab and Umm Kulthum.

On the Day of Khaibar, the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “Tomorrow, I will give the banner to a man whom Allah will make victorious. That man loves Allah and His Messenger, and Allah and His Messenger love him.” On the next day, the Prophet, peace be upon him, summoned Ali and gave him the banner. Also, on the day of Tabuk, Ali was sad that the Prophet, peace be upon him, would leave him at home to take care of the household. Hence the Prophet said to him: “Aren’t you happy that you are for me exactly as Harun (Aaron) was for Musa (Moses), save that there is no Prophet after me?”

`Ali was one of the greatest heroes of Islam; he never refrained from fighting nor feared death in the cause of Allah. On the Battle of Badr, he fought along with Hamzah and `Ubaidah Ibn El-Harith against three of the enemies and the Muslim group won. On the Battle of Al-Khandaq, he fought `Amr Ibn Wudd, one of the strongest men in Quraish, and killed him. `Ali was assassinated by `Abdur-Rahman Ibn Muljam, may Allah curse him, on 17th Ramadam, 40 A.H. at the age of 58.

His Quotable Remarks:
Once he said: “The true scholar is the one who does not make the people despair of Allah’s Mercy, or make them heedless of His punishment, or gives them permission to disobey Him; or (he himself) discards the Qur’an for the sake of anything else, and there is no good in worship that is void of knowledge, and knowledge that is void of understanding and reading that is void of contemplation.”