Allah says in Holy Quran (9:109):”…..therein, where there are men who love to purify themselves. Allah Loves the pure…”
This verse was revealed in which Allah is praising the people of Quba who were accustomed to using both stones and water after calls of nature

Q. What is meant by Istinja?
A. Istinja means the removal of dirt that is left on the body after the call of nature: such as urine, or faeces.

Q. How to perform Istinja after urination?
After passing urine, its drops should be dried with clean mud, and then washed with water.

Q. How to perform Istinja after excreting faeces?
After discharging faeces, the unclean area should be wiped with three or five pieces of mud. Then wash the body with clean water.

Q. What is the importance of Istinja?
A. Istinja is desirable (Mustahab) if excrement or urine has not smeared the private parts. Istinja is Sunnah (Masnun) if the dirt spreads around, but covers less than, or equal to a ‘Dirham’ in area. But if the dirt covers space of over one ‘Dirham’, it is obligatory (Fard) to perform Istinja.

Q. Which substances may be used for Istinja?
Clean mud or pieces of stone can be used for this purpose. ( note: If there are no proper facilities for the disposal of mud and pebble-like, instead only water must be used alternatively use toilet paper before applying water

Q. Which substances are undesirable (Makruh) for performing Istinja?
It is undesirable (Makruh) to perform Istinja with: bones dung; horse dung; edibles; coal; pieces of cloth and paper. (toilet paper may be used)

Q. Which hand should be used to perform Istinja?
The left hand should be used. It is undesirable (Makruh) to use the right hand.

Q. What things are undesirable (Makruh) in Istinja?
It is undesirable to do the Istinja: (I) Facing the Qiblah, or sitting with one’s back in that direction. (2) At a place where parts of the body that must remain covered from others (Satr) are exposed to others.

Q. What things are undesirable (Makruh) while urinating, or passing stool?

  1. Urinating or passing stool in a position with the Qiblah in front or at the back.
  2. It is undesirable (Makruh) to pass urine or stool at a place where the ‘Satr’ is exposed to one’s view.
  3. Urinating in a standing position.
  4. Urinating or passing stool in a pond, canal, or well.
  5. Urinating or passing stool at the bank of a canal, pond etc.
  6. Urinating or passing stool near the wall of a mosque.
  7. Urinating or passing stool in a graveyard.
  8. Urinating into a rat’s hole or any other hole in the ground.
  9. Talking, while urinating or passing stool.
  10. Aiming the urine, from a lower place towards a higher surface.
  11. Urinating or passing stool at a public resort or pathway.
  12. Urinating or passing stool at a place which is meant for Ablution or bath.