Make an intention (Niyah) for obeying Allah and for gaining reward, and after reciting “Bismillah Shareef”, wash both hands up to the wrists. Then brush the teeth with “Miswaak”. Hold the “Miswaak” in your right hand – little finger at the bottom, three middle fingers at the center, and the thumb at the top bottom side of the “Miswaak”. Begin with the right upper teeth, followed by the left upper teeth. Then brush the right lower teeth followed by the left lower teeth. Brushing should be in horizontal movements.

Then taking water from the cup the hand, rinse the mouth thrice. Then inhale water into the nose thrice and clean the nose with the little finger of the left hand.

Then wash the entire face – that is from the top of the forehead (where the hair begins) to the bottom of the chin and from ear to ear, without leaving any spot equal to the breadth of a hair unwashed. If the person is bearded, he should then run his fingers through the beard.

After this, wash both hands, up to and including the elbows (right hand first, followed by the left).
Then wet both hands and perform “Masah” of the entire head, as follows: Join the tips of the three fingers of both hands (i.e. other than the thumb and the little finger), and keeping them on the forehead pass them over the entire head till the nape of the neck, while keeping the palms away from the head. Pass the palms over the nape of the neck and bring them forward. Then use the upper phalanx of the index finger to rub the inner part of the ears and the thumb for the back of the ears. Then use the back of the fingers to do “Masah” on the sides of the neck.

Then wash both feet up to and including the ankles, beginning with the right foot. Use the left hand for washing the feet. Insert the left hand’s little finger between the spaces of all toes, starting from the small toe (moving right to left) in case of the right foot, and starting from the big toe (moving right to left) in case of the left foot.

Upon completing ablution, make it a habit of reciting the “Kalemah Shahadat” (The words of bearing witness) as in the Hadith, there are glad tidings of paradise for such a person.