Q. What quantity of an unclean discharge from the body invalidates the ablution?
If any small quantity of an unclean fluid, (blood/pus) discharges from the body and flows towards that part of the body whose washing is essential in bath or ablution, will breach the ablution.

Q. Does any blood which remains within the eye, invalidate the ablution?
No. It is because washing the inner portion of the eye is not commanded in ablution, or in the bath.

Q. If blood trickles out of a wound, time and again, and is wiped off each time with a finger or a piece of cloth, would that invalidate the ablution?
It must be judged whether the blood would have flowed, had it not been wiped. If it would have flowed, then the ablution breaks; otherwise, it remains intact

Q. What things, when vomited, nullify the ablution?
If a mouthful of bile; blood; food, or water is thrown out, the ablution is breached. If only phlegm is thrown out, the ablution is not invalidated.

Q. What, if one vomits again and again but in little quantity each time?
The ablution is breached if one nausea causes several vomits whose total discharge equals a mouthful. However, suppose nausea results in vomiting a small quantity which brings relief, and thereafter one nauseates a second time to vomit a small quantity again. In that case, the discharge of these two separate episodes will not be added (to see they equal a mouthful), and the ablution will remain intact.

Q. If blood or pus, oozing out of a boil on any part of the body, stains the clothing, will that dress be considered clean, or unclean?
If the blood or pus is so little that it cannot flow from the wound, the clothing will be considered as clean. However, it is better to wash it.

Q. Is the vomit, which is less than a mouthful, unclean (Napak)?
No. It is not.

Q. Will ablution be invalidated if a leech clings to one’s body, and sucks blood to its fill; or, a bug or a mosquito bites a person?
The sucking of blood by a leech will breach the ablution even if no blood flows from the wound after freeing the body from it. The blood would have certainly oozed down the body had it not been sucked by the leech. Ablution, however, will be valid in the case of a mosquito, or a bug bite, because blood sucked by these insects is quite small, and cannot flow.

Q. What type of sleep does not invalidate the ablution?
Sleeping in a standing position, or while sitting without any support, or in any posture adopted in the prayer, such as Sijdah, or a Qa’dah, does not break the ablution.

Q. Is such a person whose ablution does not break even by falling asleep?
Yes, ablution of the prophets of Allah does not break even if they fall asleep. This was their special privilege and superiority.

Q. Does bursting into laughter during prayers, break the ablution of all? If so what is meant by ‘bursting into laughter?
Bursting into laughter means: Laughing in such a loud way that it is heard by the others who are nearby.

The following are the conditions that invalidate ablution during the prayer:

  1. The person laughing aloud is an adult man or a woman. (Minor’s laughter does not break the ablution).
  2. The person who laughs must be awake. If a person falls asleep during prayer and then bursts into laughter, his ablution will remain intact.
  3. If one laughs in prayer requires bowing (Ruku), or prostration (Sujud). Thus, if one laughs in a funeral prayer, the ablution would not break.

Q. Is ablution nullified if one sees the private part/s of any other person’s body, that must remain hidden (Satr)?
No. The ablution remains valid, if one looks at the private part/s of one’s oven, or another person’s body, intentionally or unintentionally.